Electro-hydraulically operated machine. Meant for mass production of honed partslike Valve bodies, Master cylinders etc. Manual Loading / Unloading 6 stations, of which,

  • 1 station for loading and unloading of component
  • 4 station for progressive honing of bore to final size
  • 1 station for brush finishing for de-burring and rounding off sharp edges produced by the honing operation.

Length of honing approach stroke and speed & length of honing stroke of each station can be independently adjusted. Rotary speed of each honing station can be independently adjusted Floating honing tool holders, Guiding and flushing bush for smooth entry of tool and flushing.

This product is specifically designed to fulfill the need of a small Scrap Baling Machine of medium size machine shops, where about 2 to 3 tonne of turnings are generated daily.

The machine is simple to operate, easy to maintain and an unskilled person can be trained to operate it in about 1 hour time.

The machine helps the shop to :

  • Reduce space required for store scrap/turning
  • Maximizes value of the scrap sold
  • Improve cleanliness in the shop
  • Reduce losses generated while handling scraps
  • Reduce losses while melting.

  • The press is Designed & Manufactured with a motive to take care of scrap in machine shops.
  • By converting the scrap into briquettes, the area looks clean. Environment friendly.
  • Gives good financial returns as the value of the scrap (Briquette) increases due lesser melting losses.
  • With briquettes, the Scrap handling/ transportation is eased.
  • Small chips can be pressed & briquettes can be formed. Scrap material can be steel, copper, brass, wood.
  • Press functions automatically. (Unmanned).

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